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Tooth & Gums Tonic is a Truly Natural® professional strength, alcohol-free oral rinse formulated to reduce oral bacteria. The tonic contains precisely calculated proportions of pure essential oils that work synergistically with extracts of organically grown herbs to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Tooth & Gums Tonic is a professional strength, alcohol-free mouth rinse. A small amount goes a long way.

The extraordinary effectiveness of Dental Herb Company products is due to the unique way in which they are formulated. Precisely calculated proportions of pure essential oils work synergistically with alcohol-free extracts of organically grown herbs to reduce oral bacteria and maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Tooth & Gums Tonic is available in an 18oz glass bottle, which if used once daily is approximately a two-month supply.

Tooth & Gums Tonic is also available separately in a 2oz travel size bottle.

How to use Tooth & Gums Tonic

Tips for Usage:

Use Tooth & Gums Tonic daily as directed by your dental professional. Shake bottle gently before each use. Swish vigorously with 1/3 – 1/2 capful for 30 seconds, gargle if desired and spit out. For best results do not eat or drink for 15 minutes after use. Tooth & Gums Tonic can be used as an oral rinse or with an interdental brush or applicator.

Not for use by children under 6 years of age. Do not swallow.


deionized water, vegetable glycerine, extracts of echinacea angustofolia, echinacea purpurea and gotu kola, pure essential oils of peppermint, red thyme, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus globulus and lavender, plant saponins.


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