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  • Synedent FLX Mouthwash

    Synedent FLX Mouthwash

    Synedent FLX has all of the benefits of Synedent, but includes Prisyna’s gentle fluoride delivery technology to help prevent cavities. In the mouth, fluoride at low levels in saliva reduces the rate at which tooth enamel demineralizes and increases...

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  • Synedent Mouthwash

    Synedent rinses are designed to provide a cleansing, fresh mouth sensation without the discomfort and burning caused by harsh chemicals or alcohol. Leveraging our naturally derived and environmentally compatible chitosan and arginine chemistry, our...

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  • Tooth & Gums Pump for Tonic Bottles

    About the product Pump for 18 oz Tooth & Gums Tonic Please note: This is intended for the 18oz bottle of Tonic. It does not fit the Irrigant nor Travel Tonic Bottles Pump Only Does not include Tonic Bottle

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