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Interdental Cleaning Points

The removal of interproximal plaque is considered to be important for the maintenance of gingival health, prevention of periodontal disease and the reduction of caries. Unfortunately, the toothbrush is relatively ineffective at removing interproximal plaque, and therefore patients need to resort to additional techniques. Floss, woodsticks, rubber tips and interdental brushes currently represent the primary methods available for interproximal cleaning. No one method suits all patients and it is difficult for any of these methods to access the posterior dentition. Floss is the most widely used method of interdental cleaning and the American Dental Association reports that up to 80% of interdental plaque may be removed by this method, resulting in a significantly reduced incidence of caries and prevention of periodontal disease. The main problem with all interdental cleaning is, however, patient ability and motivation.

  • DenTek  Deep Clean Bristle Picks

    DenTek Deep Clean Bristle Picks

    Deep Clean Bristle Picks Get the pick that gets the job done right. DenTek's Deep Clean Bristle Picks have a textured pick end for deep cleaning and a bristle pick end that scrubs between teeth. A pick ready for any job.   Discreetly clean...

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  • DenTek Scrub Betweens

    Scrub your way to a more confident smile with literally thousands of micro-bristles! Scrub Betweens Dental Picks dislodge and brush away plaque and food particles with soft scrubbing Microbrush® Technology. They can lead to healthier teeth and gums,...

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  • New fluorescent colors

    Flix Interdental Pick 60 Ct Pkg

    Flix Flo - Interdental stick & floss in one - With Fluoride and no flavour Fluorescent colours - Perfect for teenagers with orthodontic appliances Flix is the professional 'In-Between' stick. Use it in between your teeth, in between am and pm...

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  • GUM Soft-Picks

    The only soft pick on the market today Soft, flexible bristles, not hard wood or plastic Tapered design to work with appliances such as bridges, pontics, implants and orthodontics Tissue friendly More comfortable and effective than wooden or plastic...

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  • GUM Soft-Picks 100 Ct

    GUM Soft-Picks 100 Ct

    96 percent of dental hygienists would recommend soft-picks to their patients. Between-teeth cleaning removes dental plaque that toothbrushing alone cannot reach Soft-picks facilitate the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas between teeth and around...

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  • GUM Sunstar Bulter Soft Picks - 120 ct

    GUM® Soft-Picks® - 120 ct package. The only soft pick on the market today. Soft, flexible bristles, not hard wood or plastic. Tapered design to work with appliances such as bridges, pontics, implants and orthodontics. Tissue friendly More...

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  • GUM Sunstar Bulter Soft Picks WIDE - 100 ct

    GUM Sunstar Bulter Soft Picks WIDE - 100 ct

    Flexible bristles slide between teeth to remove plaque and food particles Tapered to fit between small spaces Massages and stimulates gums Promotes blood circulation for healthy, firm gum tissue Extremely soft and comfortable between teeth...

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  • Opalpix 32ct. Pack

    Opalpix ensures perfect balance between flex and rigidity. Massages interproximal tissue while removing debris and plaque. Textured surface for better cleaning. It will not splinter or break.

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  • Rotadent Interdental Cleaners - 30 ct -

    ROTA-DENT INTERDENTAL POINTS Our Rota-point interdental cleaners are made of high-strength polypropylene. They are excellent for removing both dental plaque and debris from interproximal spaces. CLINICAL BENEFITS: Improves patient compliance Cleans in...

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