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  • Hydro Floss Canulas

    The Hydro Flex Cannula is a plastic end port cannula designed to be used at home for deep irrigation and/or delivery of medication at 6 mm or more. It's flexible design makes it safe, yet effective. It has a unique bend memory, meaning that while it...

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  • Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator + Bonus Pocket Pals

    Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator + Bonus Pocket Pals

    The HYDRO FLOSS® oral irrigator is the highest quality, most effective home treatment device of its kind. It compliments and completes anyone’s home dental care. Optimizing by flushing disrupted plaque that brushing and flossing leave behind...

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  • Hydro Floss Pocket Pals

    Hydrofloss Pocket Pal Jet Tips Designed for subgingival irrigation up to 6 millimeters. Special feature rubber tip design provides "gum massage" and "promotes circulation". Each package contains 4 color-coded tips.

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  • Hydro Floss Regular Tips

    Hydrofloss Regular Jet Tips   The Regular Jet Tips are packaged containing four color coded tips. This tip is designed for use at home for irrigation and comes standard with each irrigator

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  • Hydro Floss Sulcus Tips

    The Hydro Floss Sulcus tip fits directly into the handle of the Hydro Floss irrigator. This tip delivers a fine stream of water which allows for more effective irrigation at and below the gum line.

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